A goggle of graphics


An exhibition celebrates Rediffusion’s graphic designers in December 1966

An exhibition of the work of the graphic designers was held at the Upper Grosvenor Galleries from December 7-16. A large number of those interested in art or design were invited to the exhibition which was also open to the public. Exhibits included promotion slides, film titles, film inserts, publications, window displays, drawings and symbols by the company’s graphic designers past and present. Some of their work is presented here.


Clive Arrowsmith – Promotion slide for ‘The Caretaker’


Arnold Schwartzman – Symbol for ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’


John Tribe – filmed opening titles for ‘Division’



Wendy Coates-Smith – Illustration for FUSION


Arnold Schwartzman – Record sleeve for ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’



Arnold Schwartzman – cover for FUSION


Tony Oldfield – opening film titles for ‘Miss T.V. Times’


Arnold Schwartzman – Symbol for ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’

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'Fusion' was the quarterly staff magazine for Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion Television employees.

3 thoughts on “A goggle of graphics

  1. I don’t remember creating the art work for the BREAKAWAY promotion slide. Unfortunately, I do not have any idea who produced this work.

    1. Hi John! Lovely to hear from you: you work for Rediffusion is fantastic. The credit is what FUSION itself gives (I’ve been back and checked the physical magazine itself to make sure it’s not a transcription error by us), so I’m loathe to change it, despite having correct information ‘from the horse’s mouth’. Hopefully people will see your comment and understand!

    2. Hi John, did you, Tony Oldfield, Sydney King, Derek Cousins etc. contribute to TV Times before it went national in 1968?

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