What is the future of ASSOCIATED-REDIFFUSION?

John Spencer Will tells shareholders the ups and downs of the financial year 1960-1

Sentenced to death

Rediffusion's chairman tears the ITA to shreds in his final address to shareholders in December 1967

That was the decade that was

James Green of the London Evening News looks back at a decade (and slightly more) of Rediffusion and ITV in 1967

Computer suite – no admittance

It's all go as the advertising department at Rediffusion installs a computer in 1966


A special feature website on the relaunch of Rediffusion London in April 1964

The General Manager’s farewell

Tom "Never Baffled" Brownrigg's valedictory message to Associated-Rediffusion staff

A very remarkable man

Remembering Captain Thomas Marcus Brownrigg OBE, CBE, DSO, RN (Rtd), IDC

Fourth floor says… Why we cannot have more TV programmes at present

A word from Associated-Rediffusion management in 1960: technical limitations are preventing ITV-2

Fourth floor (Carlton House) says… ‘Success to Studio 5’

A word from Associated-Rediffusion management in 1960: how Studio 5 at Wembley is coming along

Television in 1984

What will television look like in 1984? The programme makers of 1958 try to find out

A matter of opinion: Features

Associated-Rediffusion asks its producers what makes a 'feature' in 1960

The case for 405 line VHF colour

The general manager of Rediffusion on why we should go into colour now, in 1966

Stars and wipes

A series of Associated-Rediffusion video dramas make their way on to ABC in the United States

How it works… Camera Pick-up Tubes

Mike Metcalfe, Control Section Supervisor, explains how television cameras work

How it works… A question of lines

Basil Bultitude explains the differences between 405, 525, 625 and 819 lines

How it works… The Problem of Genlock

Basil Bultitude explains what genlock is, why it is used and the advantages of other systems

T.V. House by-pass

The Kingsway tram tunnel becomes the Strand underpass

Associated-Rediffusion’s new studio

Studio 5 at Wembley has been designed. A-R's chief engineer takes us around the plans

How it works… Telecine

How film gets on to Rediffusion viewers' television screens