Meet Muriel Young in 1960

I have solved a problem that has increased already high blood pressure in business executives and elderly colonels, has harassed already harassed wives on shopping expeditions, and made many a young man late for a date. The problem of how to catch a taxi in the rush hour on a rainy day.

Article from the TVTimes Northern edition for 17-23 July 1960

The method was simple. I stood on the kerb — next to Muriel Young. This happened the other day after I had taken Muriel — she is known to everyone in television as “Mu” — to lunch. The effect that Mu’s grey-green eyes had on cab drivers was wonderful to watch…

Taxis zoomed to our part of the kerb from every direction. Once a dental nurse, Muriel’s greatest love was for acting and she trained in repertory. She had parts in a number of films before she became one of ITV’s first female announcers in 1955. She told me she particularly likes appearing in Twenty Questions.

She is naturally inquisitive and likes to ask questions. So we played our own game of “Ten Questions,” but I asked the questions and Muriel gave the answers.

First of all, where did you get the nickname of Mu? — It just happened, said Muriel.

On the screens you always appear to be gay and contented. Do you often feel depressed? — About twice a year. Usually after something wonderful has happened.

Why? — I feel that whatever follows cannot be as exciting.

Do you worry about your work? — I have stopped worrying. I have made mistakes so many times in front of the cameras that whatever happens in the future could not be worse.

What sort of mistakes? — I mispronounce words, sometimes.

Do you consider that you are a lucky person? — Very lucky. I plan to go to America for six weeks in the autumn and, already, I have been offered appearances in five television shows.

Do you think luck has had anything to do with your success on television? – Yes. I started as an announcer on ITV and since then I have done every kind of job.

Have you any hobbies? — Yes. I love gardening.

What do you plan to do in the future? — Go on with television.

Which programme do you like best? — I like them all. But, in Twenty Questions, I sit next to Frankie Howerd and he keeps me in fits of laughter. Such a dear.


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