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Rediffusion’s Golden Star and other award winners in November 1965

Last month brought a deluge of awards to the staff of the company or those who have worked for Rediffusion, London.

From Fusion 41, the house magazine of Rediffusion, published at Christmas 1965

The board made the following £1,000 Golden Star Awards for outstanding creative contributions to the TV programmes of Rediffusion, London during the previous 12 months:

Basil Rootes and Freddie Slade jointly (they received £500 each) for their work on the sound recording for the documentary ‘The Grafters’ which dealt with street traders;

Cyril Coke for his work on ‘Crime and Punishment’ and the ‘Four of Hearts’ series;

Robert Kee for his script for the ‘Children of Revolution’ Intertel documentary about young people growing up in Czechoslovakia and for his script contributions to ‘This Week’;

Philippa Gail for her part in ‘Summertime Ends Tonight’, the last play in the ‘Four of Hearts’ series.

Each were presented with their cheque and their Golden Star trophy by chairman John Spencer Wills at the company’s annual meeting.


Chairman John Spencer Wills presented the Golden Star Awards at the annual general meeting at Wembley together with the cheques. Left to right, director and producer Cyril Coke, actress Philippa Gail, John Spencer Wills, film dubbing mixer Freddie Slade, sound recordist Basil Rootes and writer Robert Kee.


The Guild of Television Producers and Directors made their awards on November 11. Rediffusion, London received more than all the other ITV companies combined.

Craft Awards for production went to:

Peter Morley, outside broadcasts, for his work on ITV’s coverage of the State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill and for his documentary ‘L.S.O. – the music men’;

Charles Squires, documentary, for his work on ‘The Grafters’ and ‘Paradise Street’;

Jeremy Issacs, factual, and the production team of ‘This Week’;

Cyril Coke, drama, for his work on ‘Crime and Punishment’, ‘The Rules of the Game’ and ‘Four of Hearts – Tilt’.

In addition the actress of the year, Gwen Watford, and the actor of the year, Alan Badel, had also worked on Rediffusion, London productions. Gwen Watford was in ‘Take Care of Madam’ and ‘The Rules of the Game’ while Alan Badel had appeared in ‘A Couple of Dry Martinis’.

(Joe McGrath who worked in graphic design some years ago won a Craft Award for light entertainment for his work on ‘Not Only… But Also’ and ‘The Big Noise’.)




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'Fusion' was the quarterly staff magazine for Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion Television employees.

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