On the scent of a ghost


Redvers Kyle on spooky goings on at home and in the studio

I believe we often live in a world that is one step beyond. The dictionary says the word psychic means — of what appears to be outside the domain of physical law.

Redvers Kyle, TV announcer and compere, who relates some personal experiences of the mysterious world investigated in the Wednesday series, 'One Step Beyond'
Redvers Kyle, TV announcer and compere, who relates some personal experiences of the mysterious world investigated in the Wednesday series, ‘One Step Beyond’

What about the unknown laws? Science itself is still seeking the true answers to many questions.

People who know more about the spiritual world than I say I am psychic. I prefer to keep an open mind. But a few strange things have happened to me.

Last Boxing night I arrived home about midnight. Going to my bedroom I became aware of a perfume in the passage… a strong, sweet smell, unlike anything I have known.

An ordinary scent would have got weaker. But this remained very strong — and moved about. It moved round the passage and went into my bedroom. I followed. I had the feeling it was looking round my room… searching… seeking.

I went round the flat trying to find an answer for the scent. Perhaps it was a vase of flowers, a cake of soap, a bottle of after-shave lotion… But nothing smelled like this.

It remained in my room for several minutes.

Then, as quickly as it had come the scent disappeared. And I was left with the feeling that ‘somebody’ had come to see me. Someone gentle, harmless and extremely kind.

That was not the first time I had experienced the world one step beyond the ordinary. One night last year I awoke to see a faint red light hovering above my bed.

It was like a long tube, similar to a one-bar electric fire.

The light quivered back and forth, and I heard a strange humming sound.

At first I was afraid… but a remarkable feeling of peace came over me. Within seconds I was asleep again.

A few years ago the landlord of a pub I used to visit showed me round his flat behind the pub. I was shown into a large bedroom.

Suddenly a cold feeling enveloped me. Not like the coldness of winter or lack of heating. A vibrating, enshrouding coldness seemed to play round my body. I told the landlord and not until then did he say that the room was supposed to be haunted.

Was this chance or make-believe? I’m not keen on trying to imagine experiences like this. They are far too disturbing.


Ellen Terry... a dream about her death
Ellen Terry… a dream about her death


In the summer of 1928 a friend of mine dreamed that her dead mother asked her: “Did you know Ellen Terry was dead?” The following morning she spoke of the dream to her husband. They laughed about it.

Then she opened the morning paper which announced the death of Ellen Terry. She died the day before and my friend knew nothing about it before going to bed.

Most of us have had strange experiences of one kind or another. Are they imagination? I don’t think so.

What do you think? I should be interested to know.

And here is the story of today’s One Step Beyond:

Haunted by a recurring dream, a man becomes obsessed by the face that keeps appearing in his dream. The face is that of a seaman who approaches the dreamer with a knife.

There is the sound of creaking timber, like a ship at sea.

The haunted dreamer gives up his work and spends his time hanging around the Liverpool docks in the hope of recognising the face. One day he gets drunk and wakes up on a Spanish ship. And one of the seamen has that face…


Penelope Horner, one of the stars in tonight's One Step Beyond episode "The Face"
Penelope Horner, one of the stars in tonight’s One Step Beyond episode “The Face”


Article from from the TVTimes for 18-24 February 1962
Article from from the TVTimes for 18-24 February 1962


This true story happened in Liverpool in the 1880’s.

Derry Quinn, who scripted the programme, said: “I believe the original incident was studied by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who was interested in psychical research. It is one of the strangest, most haunting psychic stories that has ever appeared.

“The story develops along classical lines. It is a tragedy of human destiny. A man tries to avoid his fate and by trying to avoid it he brings it about!”

Quinn added: “Of the 35 TV film scripts I have written this one is undoubtedly my favourite. I’ve got it out and re-read it several times. If I’m not careful I shall find myself haunted by a script!”

About the author

Redvers Kyle (1929-2015) was born in South Africa. He became an announcer and presenter at Associated-Rediffusion in 1956 and chief announcer for Rediffusion London in 1964. He moved to the new Yorkshire Television in 1968 after closing down Rediffusion for the last time.

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  1. The final season of One Step Beyomd proved interesting, due to the fact that production had moved to London, England at Associated British Elstree Studios. 13 episodes were made in a co- produced with Associated Rediffusion, together with a British cast which included, Kenneth Cope, Christopher Lee, Andrew Faults, Elizabeth Sellars, Lois Maxwell, etc. This final series is rather rare, the odd Brit episode turns up on DVD, such as “The Sorceror”. I can only hope that the short final season is finally released on sell-thru DVD in the near future.

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