Sentenced to death

Rediffusion's chairman tears the ITA to shreds in his final address to shareholders in December 1967

That was the decade that was

James Green of the London Evening News looks back at a decade (and slightly more) of Rediffusion and ITV in…

Computer suite - no admittance

It's all go as the advertising department at Rediffusion installs a computer in 1966

Track in on... Albert Short for general post

Peter Ling pops up to the second floor to meet Albert Short, head of the post room

Track in, as... Tony Hulley steps on to the floor

Peter Ling goes down on to the studio floor to meet FM Tony Hulley in 1958

Track in on... Betty Bowes, the dark lady of the tonics

Peter Ling pays a visit to the Rediffusion Club and talks to bartender Betty Bowes in 1958

Voices off guide the casting director

The TVTimes finds the secrets of Associated-Rediffusion's casting director Weston Drury in 1956

Wired-up for service

Electrical maintenance: the beating heart of Television House and Wembley

Down in the basement…

You’d have to go a long way to find another basement quite like the one at Television House

Gigglers, gogglers and gumption

1961: Director James Butler on the hell that is studio visits by the public

Tele marks of 1966

Fusion magazine looks back over an eventful year for Rediffusion

The show that left me speechless

Your TVTimes correspondent in 1964 is frankly baffled by 'Don't Say a Word'

Tonight's Rediffusion, London... in 1968

A look at what was on Rediffusion in London on Monday 29 July 1968

Ready, Steady, Goes

Celebrating the life of Ready, Steady, Go! as it finishes at the end of 1966

A goggle of graphics

An exhibition celebrates Rediffusion's graphic designers in December 1966

Tele-snaps: Christmas on Rediffusion

Join Rediffusion, London at Christmas...

Tele-snaps: announcers

Rediffusion's voices of authority

Tele-snaps: it’s about time

Spend some time with Rediffusion

Seen and Heard

Sights and sounds of Rediffusion

Rising star

Associated-Rediffusion starts the day with pomp and circumstance